Carrie Saddler-Tredo is a mixed media artist from Westfield, NY. This will be her 4th year as part of the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail. You can meet her and see her work this weekend at her main studio at 74 Jefferson St, Westfield. You can also check out some of her work at the Artisan Alley open house in Mayville, NY (13 S Erie St).

The Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail includes 22 studios and a lot of different artists’ work and runs this weekend May 27th and 28th from 10 am to 5 pm.

For those of us unfamiliar with the trail, it’s an opportunity for the public to go visit artists where they create, in their own studios and may even be able to get a glimpse of a work in progress. You can talk with the different artists in person and ask any questions you may have. All for FREE. If you see a piece that catches your eye though, you do have the opportunity to purchase different works.

Carrie’s art on display is put together with a wide variety of mixed medias, including manipulated fabric, wax, acrylics, oil, and many others. Inspirations pulled from nature help mold and repurpose these amazing creations with an interesting vintage feel.

Like many artists, Carrie’s initial interest in the craft stemmed from not so happy beginnings. Losing both her best friends to cancer, and divorcing from her husband, she felt very lonely, like she had lost who she was. Through her art, she was healing and resurrecting herself, as well as the pieces she was creating. She began working on amazing statues called “tree spirits” as a way to create new life for herself. Her spirits represent the life cycles of the forest, with the rise and falls of the seasons, we too rise and fall and morph into something new.

The art trail has been going strong for 9 years now, and this will be Carrie’s 4th year participating, along with 21 other artists. Come on out and experience these amazing creations in person this Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm!

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