Early downtown Jamestown I sat down with Paul Schermerhorn to talk to him a bit about the Jamestown Insomniac Competitive Film Festival as part of an 2extrememedia interview.

This is the festival’s sixth year. Started in 2012 at the now Reg Lenna Center for the Arts by Len Barry and Aaron Tomassini. Every year, regional filmmakers create a short film in 24 hours and compete at the screening for cash or gift cards. This year there’s been some minor changes to the rules and format. For example, the time length has been expanded to now 2 to 5 minutes and there will be a focus on cash prizes and special Oscar-like trophies.

On July 5th from 5 pm to 8 pm there will be a fundraiser at Brazil Craft Beer & Wine Lounge. There will be a 50/50 raffle, snacks, and paper registration forms available. Come downtown and support the arts and network with some fellow creators.

A few things to note for the filmmakers while planning for this weekend. There are a lot of locations in Jamestown that are great to film at. Don’t be afraid to show off the area but have some common sense and be respectful of people’s property. There will also be some music available provided by some local bands and musicians. No fear of copyright issues and it may save you time searching online. There’s still time to register and compete. Get out there and get filming!

For more information, check out the official page: ChautauquaTonight.com/Insomniac2017